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    Robin is a fictional character who plays the sidekick of Batman in DC Comics' Batman comic book series. The character was created by American comic book artists and writers Bob Kane, Bill Finger and Jerry Robinson. It first appeared in 1940 on the 38th issue of Detective Comics.

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    Damian is created to die; I have guessed it since his character is portrayed as stubborn and annoying kid that often gets himself into trouble. Tim is the best Robin but he had severed ties with Batman so who will be the new Robin now?

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    Damian Wayne is the youngest Robin and the second one to die. The first is Jayson Todd who died in 1988. I guess Tim Drake will return as Robin, he's the best Robin after all.

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    Robin is dead, they (DC) killed him. Check Batman Inc. #8, he was killed by his clone. Rumor has it that the next Robin will be a girl, too bad Batgirl is too old to play the Caped Crusader's sidekick.

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