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    The Beauty of Retro Pixel Art Games

    Anyone that’s ever considered themselves a gamer or a video game lover is no doubt familiar with pixel art games. After all, their trademark look is absolutely unmistakable, not to mention completely endearing in its own way. Pixel art games are colorful. They’re simple. They’re also compelling. If you grew up playing the classics on your Atari console or Nintendo, then the chances are excellent that pixel art brings back a lot of fond childhood memories as well.

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    75 Clever Ways to Make Money Fast

    Money is something that just about anyone could use more of these days, right? Thankfully, we’re living in a day and age that offers resourcefully minded people more options than ever before. Whether you’re looking for some quick and simple ways to help make ends meet when you’ve got bills coming up or seeking something with the potential to turn into something larger, the following are some excellent ideas to help you make, save, or generate money fast.

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